Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrating Food 365 Days a Year!

As my wedding day quickly approaches (12 days away), things have become a little hectic around here!  Between working full time, planning, the wedding itself and then honeymooning (woo-whoo!) time is going to be little short.   I don’t think I’ll have another chance after today to write for about three weeks, but I wanted to give you all something to look forward to while the blog is on hiatus.  And that, is Food Holidays!! 
All you have to do is google “food holidays” to see that there is something delicious to celebrate 365 days a year!  Some of my personal favorites include National Chocolate Cake Day (February 27th), National Cheese Day (June 4th) and National Coffee Day (Sept. 29th)! 
So below is a list of some great ones for you to rejoice in over the next few weeks.   And did you know, today is National Waffle Day?!?  I found out too late to enjoy it this morning but now, I’m thinking “brinner” (breakfast for dinner) is in order!
March (National Nutrition Month, National Celery Month, National Peanut Month)
3/26       Spinach Day

3/31       Oranges and Lemons Day

April (National Garlic Month, National BLT Sandwich Month, National Soy Foods Month)
4/1         National Sourdough Bread Day

4/7         Coffee Cake Day

4/14       National Pecan Day
4/16       Day of the Mushroom

4/25       National Zucchini Bread Day

4/30       National Raisin Day

How will you celebrate these food holidays?  Feel free to share any days I may have missed or any recipes you think would be fitting to honor them!

Healthfully Yours,

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